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Our Concept

Educational Quality Management

Pädagogisches Qualitätsmanagement Our students will achieve excellent technical skills and develop into mature, unique individuals. To fulfill this task, we are committed to reviewing and improving the quality of our school as a whole as well as the individual classes. On the basis of the publication, “Quality Framework for German Schools Abroad” (published in 2006), our school is undergoing a cyclical quality development process, in which external evaluation takes place via a German federal-state inspection every four years. Read More

Methods Concept

Methodenkonzept In 2001, the PISA report was released, setting off an earthquake in the international education landscape as it revealed flaws and shortcomings in education in various countries. The findings came as a surprise to many, and the resulting and aptly-named “PISA shock” caused Germany in particular to reconsider the way children were taught and revealed the need for competency-based teaching. Student-centered teaching methods are not only the key to a lasting understanding of subject matter, but also promote self-reliance and self-confidence. Read More

Individual development

Individuelle Förderung As a school with a Christian profile, we see each of our students as a unique person possessing individual strengths and needs that should be recognized, promoted and challenged. In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to regular student evaluation; this process allows us to identify the student’s initial education level, areas of strength and weakness, and the particular learning areas that might need extra support. We promote and guide each individual learning processes, and continuously align our teaching support to the educational pathway... Read More


Sprache als Schlüsselqualifikation We want to offer our students an excellent preparation for their future academic success and eventually their profession. When we began to offer the German International Abitur at CDSC, we had to address several organizational and educational challenges; in particular, we committed to make a special effort in the area of German language skills.  Intentional measures have been implemented to ensure that students reach the German language fluency level required for the Abitur as well as for lower school graduations. Read More

Focus on IT

Schwerpunkt IT Besides a sound general education, the labor market today demands increasingly higher qualifications in the field of information technology. The safe and responsible use of office applications, cloud applications, the internet and multimedia applications (e.g. video editing, image processing) are important goals of IT education at the CDSC, as well as the basic knowledge of how a computer is built, functions, and is best used.  We introduce a basic programming language so that students will get a feel and understanding for  the "mindset" of a computer and be able to use the machine more effectively.

Practical Relation

09deer The application and field-testing of acquired knowledge and social skills are an important experience for all students. Therefore, students engage in a two-week internship in the 9th grade and a one-week social internship in the 10th grade. Through the 9th grade internship program, our goal is for students become familiar with a job’s daily routine, develop professional interests and compare their dreams and interests with the reality of the job. In addition, this internship gives students the opportunity to demonstrate self-confidence and self-motivation in a professional environment. Read More
About us Our Concept


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