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School Building and Grounds

At CDSC, we are pleased to inhabit a green, child-friendly campus, with tree-shaded buildings surrounded by rice fields.  The buildings accommodate air-conditioned classrooms, as well as designated rooms for science, music, computers, Thai language study, and handicraft lessons/manual training.  The kindergarten is housed in its own building, with two classrooms and shared playrooms.  The nursery building was constructed in 2013 and provides bright, friendly rooms for the littlest ones at CDSC.

In keeping with the tropical climate, the cafeteria and gymnasium are open-air buildings. The school library houses more than 5000 books on different subjects, available on loan to students, parents and other interested persons. Situated in the main building near the entrance, our school shop offers the most commonly-needed writing utensils, booklets and writing pads, as well as workbooks and some books. For sick children and emergencies, we have a dedicated first-aid room equipped with a stretcher and necessary first-aid supplies.

During daily recess times, students can play on our sports field equipped with soccer goals, play volleyball or ping-pong in the multipurpose sports area,  climb on the adventure playground or entertain themselves our spacious gymnasium. Our “Baandin” (a small loam house), hand-built by a few parents during weekend-time, protects from the tropical heat by its specific construction and is a favorite spot for children to play and dream.  The Thai mothers like using this place for small picnics, but anyone interested is encouraged to take advantage of the welcoming shade.

Location of CDSC

The CDSC is steadily growing in terms of overall enrollment, and grade levels were added our educational offerings were extended to include the years of study needed to complete the German International Abitur (DIAP).  Both these changes required us to reevaluate classroom space, and prompted us to plan for new buildings. 

In June 2013, the CDSC completed construction of a larger building for the nursery class.  Now, we are all looking forward to the completion of another new building, designed to house five new classrooms (64 m2 each), the new school library (100 m2), a spacious administration department with offices (260 m2) and a conference room (50 m2). For the first time, the offices of the Thai and German administration will be combined under the same roof; we expect this to accelerate and streamline the administrative workflow. The extra space afforded by the new building wil  improve the overall learning and working conditions at the CDSC..

The construction of the new building is made possible mostly by a 26 million THB (630.000 EUR) grant from the German government given to the CDSC in November 2013. During the planning phase, the German government requested that German guidelines for school construction be taken into account.  This means the new building will be an earthquake safe, environmentally friendly building, respecting fire prevention and safety regulations. For more details, please refer to the powerpoint presentation compiled by members of the school board and shown during a parents’ assembly on November 25, 2013.


The architectural firm contracted to design the building has provided some conceptual images of the finished sturcture, which increases our anticipation. Construction began in December 2013.


About us Our School


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