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Why support the CDSC?

  • You are promoting the cross-cultural dialogue between German-speaking children from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Thai Children as well as children of other Asian nationalities.
  • You enable an excellent German education under the umbrella of the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad which culminates at its best in the German International Abitur and thereby clears the way to every German university.
  • By allowing talented children of Thai (Asian) families to receive a German education you conducive to reducing the skills shortage in Germany in the long term.
  • You enable the individual promotion of children in small study groups in a very child-friendly designed environment.
  • You are supporting the conveying of Christian values to the next generation as well as the children’s preparation to live a life that pays regard to others.

Bank Account

Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai
IBAN: DE48 5206 0410 0000 8021 07
Bank: Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft
Kto: 802107
Blz: 520 604 10

Christian German School Chiang Mai
Krungthai Bank, Saraphi Branch
Account-No.: 982-0-01260-0

Hint: Unfortunately, we can not issue a donation receipt.



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