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School Enrollment and Celebration of the Beginning of the new School Year

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After - for some parents maybe very long - seven weeks of holidays today the new school year started with a celebratory opening service. For this purpose, all students, their parents and the teachers assembled at 10 am in the auditorium of CDSC. After the principal Bastian Liebold had warmly welcomed everybody Martin Hofmann, pastor of the Thai German Church in Chiang Mai (TDG), was invited to hold a devotion. He encouraged the students that in the person of Jesus they have a faithful guard during their everyday school life who will be on their side in the successful moments as well as the frustrating ones.

Then finally the moment the youngest students had been waiting for impatiently became reality: The enrollment of the first graders who are joining the “Flex” at CDSC. Before everyone of the ten smallest ones was called to the stage with their “Schultüte” (large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents given to children in Germany on their first day at school - leo.org) in hand grade four had prepared a surprise: Together they sang a familiar German song of encouragement for the newcomers.

Besides, the CDSC welcomed six new collegues and one new kindergarten teacher for the “Schmetterlings-Gruppe” (Butterfly Group). Last year, Mr. Marti came as the first Swiss teacher at CDSC and this year the Austrian students can look forward to get to know Mrs. Slamanik, the first teacher at CDSC from their home country. Among the new teachers are as well Mr. Brunoni and Mrs. Poungsombat who will teach German as a Foreign Language (GFL). Above that, Mrs. Poungsombat - a trained nurse - will be working as school nurse as well.

Especially the students are curious to get to know the new volonteers whose tasks will be to assist in the elementary school, to manage the school library, to support the office and the administration and - last but not least - to enrich the afternoon care program by being involved in the homework care as well as a rich variety of workshops.

But not only the Flex students received their “Schultüte”: Besides the first graders, the CDSC could welcome 18 new students in grades three to ten. Each of them was handed over a small “Schultüte” filled with typical Thai sweets by Mr. Tetzel.

Before the opening ceremony was closed by a short time of intercession for our host country, the students, parents and teachers of CDSC a small “delicacy” had been prepared: Before the beginning of the holidays music teacher Mrs. Häger had taught the students, teachers, administration and Thai stuff a dance for the well-known song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. She recorded the different groups at different places and different times performing the dance. During the holidays our volunteer Emanuel Gernert edited the video material and created a four-minute clip. The result reveals one thing for sure: At CDSC not only learning and working are on the programm - obviously the whole school community has a lot of fun together!

We are wishing all new students, teachers and their families a great and succescful year at CDSC during which they may feel at home and hopefully make a lot of new friends!


Home News School Enrollment and Celebration of the Beginning of the new School Year


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