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TedX Youth in Chiang Mai

Whereas in the past year students of the CDSC attended TedX Youth Chiang Mai as listeners this year for the first time they had the opportunity to draft an own speech and - if selected by the jury - to present it at TedX Youth in Chiang Mai. The topic of this year: Creating Connections!

Eleonora Nescholta (Grade 11) decided to talk about anxieties and developped her first ideas with her English teacher and the mentors of the TedX team. The first success was the selection of Eleonora’s first draft which thereby was considered to be good enough being presented at TedX Youth! After her selcetion Eleonora continued to work on the subtleties with the result of an excellent speech (in English) on the fear of speaking in English in front of an audience on Sunday, November 16th. The other speeches were marked by an easiness or depth which was impressing and caused the listeners to smile or meditate on the content.

The CDSC would like to thank especially Mr. Venzky-Stalling and Mrs Unland: Without their help the participance of the CDSC wouldn’t have been possible. I would like to express my personal gratitude towards Mr. Johnson who continuously kept me up-to-date!


Home News TedX Youth in Chiang Mai


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