Thanksgiving Service

On Thursday morning the thanksgiving service as first part of the celebration programm of the CDSC’s 20th anniversary took place. Therefore the whole school community and several guests gathered at 9.45 am in the auditorium. A very far way had the director of the Marburger Mission Rainer Becker, his colleague Christian Schuh, the Thai honorary counsel from Stuttgart Marianne Zorn and two former principles of the CDSC, Matthias Wolf and Fred Hartmann, who came from Germany.

After the principle Bastian Liebold and the chairman of the school board David Nescholta had welcomed the school communitiy and the special guests, Martin Hofmann, pastor of the Thai German Church in Chiang Mai (TDG), led through the service which was all about the gratitude towards God for the CDSC, its foundation and development furing the past twenty years. To draw a clear picture of the conditions under which the CDSC was founded pastor Hofmann interviewed two of the founders: Kees Brouwer and Imo Scharrer.

Fred Hartman, principle of the CDSC until 2004, had prepared a special contribution to the program: He sang a self-composed CDSC song which especially the students joyfully joined. A further special contribution was made by the students’ representatives Eric Janzen and Thomas Franzen: With a few personal words and a small gift they said thank you to the caretaker of the school Khun Sanoe and the Thai secretary Khun Nippaporn, both of them lomg-time employees of CDSC. Faithfully they had assisted the students over the years in small problems that come along with everyday school life. The other students supported their representatives with a big applause and standing ovationas.

Students as well as parents and guests were given the opportunity to write their gratiude on a small card at the end of the sermon which was tied to a balloon filled with hydrogen and let risen into the blue sky by the whole congregation collectively in front of the new building afterwards. By the way: We would like to express our gratitude for the good weather today! Letting colourful balloons rise into a grey sky would not have been half as much fun.