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Thuringia Competency Test at the CDSC

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Since 2010 the CDSC takes part in the Competency Test of the federal state of Thuringia on a regular basis. For a German school abroad this is a good opportunity to compare the students’ performances with the average performances of the students in Germany. We are pleased that our students achieved above-average results in most tests.

"In Thuringia so called competency tests (“Thüringer Komepetenztest”) in the subjects German, Mathematics and English are conducted all over the state on a yearly basis in grades 3, 6 and 8. Thus, each year about 3000 students at almost 900 schools are taking part in these tests.

The aim of the competency tests is to improve and develop classes. In order to do so, the students’ performances are measured in important main subjects. The test results are providing important information about the proficiency level of the students and are to initiate processes of school and class development"

(Source: https://www.kompetenztest.de/kompetenztests, translated into English)

An explanation for the lower achievements in the subject of German can be found - amongst others - in the risen percentage of students without a native German speaking background. These deficiencies are to be minimized by German as a Foreign Language (GFL) and German as a Second Language (GSL) classes.

The results of the tests are furthermore evaluated in the professional groups (subject by subject) in order to develop measures for classes.



Home News Thuringia Competency Test at the CDSC


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