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Welcome to our classical Song Recital

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On Thursday, the 30th of October at 7.00 pm in the framework of the anniversary festivities a classic song recital will take place at the CRK Recital Hall, College of Music Phayap which is organized by music teacher Kristina Häger (Mezzosoprano) and will be conducted in cooperation with Remi Namtep (Piano, College of Music Payap).

Kristina Häger studied school music and opera singing at the Music College Lübeck and is after working at the operas in Lübeck and Münster part of the choir of the Germaan Opera Berlin. 2012 she and her family came - equipped with a three year contract and a lot of adventuresomeness - to Chiang Mai where her husband should work at the CDSC. One year later Kristina Häger unfolded the possibility to work as a music teacher at CDSC and thus gaining some experience in her second subject of study.

Since having a veritable opera singer among the colleges the idea of arranging a classical German Song Recital arose and thus the desire to share the rich treasure of German song art with the parents, friends and supporters of the school.

With the aid of the Music Department of the Phayap University a pianist and a suitable location could be found and the Song Recital with works of Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Mahler and Strauss was integrated in the table of events.

Students of the senior classes will enrich the programm by moderation texts informing about the componists.

Details concerning location and time can be found on our facebook page.


Home News Welcome to our classical Song Recital


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