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Annual Survey on Satisfaction with CDSC

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The CDSC says "Thank You" to all parents who attended the school satisfaction survey in October. A general satisfaction rate of over 90% and a Recommendation of nearly 90% are a encouraging result and a recognition of the daily work of staff and school board of the CDSC. In both cases, a slight improvement compared to the last survey in April 2013 can be noted. All parents once again a big thank you for the numerous participating in the survey.

Particularly pleasing is the encouragement in the educational work of the teachers who is known to be the core business of a school. Almost 99% of parents are very or mostly satisfied with this. Not quite as high but still over 90%, the satisfaction rate with respect to cooperation and consultation with the teachers. Almost 40% of all parents want to be informed, however, some or even much better about the instructional work and the learning process of their children. So there is a need for action.

The instructional level of difficulty and the amount of homework are largely considered to be reasonable, whereas for parents perspective rather too much than too little homework is given. We were impressed with the fact that the vast majority of parents would like to have an extended extracurricular support lessons and are able and willing to provide additional finances for it. This result can be understood only as an order.

Many parents would like to have improvement in terms of facilities in the classrooms and the use of new media in the classroom. The site of the CDSC is largely perceived as clean and safe, whereas in terms of safety at a quarter of the parents are concerned which perhaps is due to the current site conditions.

The school administration says thank you for a satisfaction rate of over 90% in terms of kindness, efficiency and helpfulness. The presentation and content of the website as well as information content and frequency of the newsletter were approved by the majority.

Very excited we were on the responses to two current topics that are being discussed at the time in the school community. It was found that a majority of parents were satisfied with the proposed frequency of school trips and some would wish for class trips even more frequently. For this reason, with the primary school teachers we think about a short excursion at the end of Grade 4. The proposed cost-containments are for most parents okay but for some it would be just at the limit. Regarding the question of the introduction of a school uniform at the CDSC a clear majority is against it, although there were also a lot of supporters.

Click here to see the results of the survey.

Your Bastian Liebold


Home News Annual Survey on Satisfaction with CDSC


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