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End of a school year

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A nice and eventful school year has now ended and since 19th of June we are on summer break. On this last day of school the school community could pass in review at the final ceremony and – as it is common at a school abroad – say goodbye to students, volunteers and teachers.

My time as principal has also ended and I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to all the parents and friends of the CDSC who could not participate in the final ceremony. All these years have been a valuable experience for me. The CDSC and all the people involved are something special!

The selection process for the principal is not yet completed as one candidate revoke his application due to personal reasons. So the CDSC team intensively prepared itself for the vacancy of the headmaster in the last weeks. Mr. Johannes Blum will be the subsidiary principal for now and I kindly ask you to support him and his team during this time.

This school year we conducted once more an Abitur exam and the CDSC could establish itself as a reliable partner of the German educational system. With 6 graduates the amount of students was 200% above last year’s graduation class ☺ This is a great progress! At its end there was an emotional graduation party from which I added a nice picture show for you.

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The positive perception of the public-private partnership between the foreign cultural and educational policy of Germany is more and more shown in the continuous support of the central offices of the German schools abroad (ZfA), the German embassy in Bangkok and the Foreign Ministry. The funding of the new school and administration office for the amount of up to 80% of the overall construction costs is setting a positive sign of trust and appreciation of our wok. I would like to express my sincerest thanks for this support, also on behalf of the whole school community.

Besides the joy at the development boost which the CDSC is getting with this construction progress, such a support means also obligation and motivation. The CDSC is in movement and progress.

After the successful establishment of the upper level of the Gymnasium we will now concentrate on children without German language skills. More Asian families are orientated in education and show there interest in the German educational system to enable their children a university degree in Germany. Mr. Robert Schulze, the German ambassador in Thailand, stated in his greeting note of our yearbook that the German embassy as well as the German foreign policy support this project with good will.

This proves that the aim of the Cultural relations and education policy is to become open for foreign students. More “friends all over the world” should be made who are well trained and return to their home countries with a positive image of Germany or even stay in Germany to prevent the national lack of skilled professionals on the German employment market. I could not imagine a better way of preparing migrants for a successful integration in the German society then schooling at a German school abroad and passing the Abitur exam at native-speaker level.

Five graduates of this year’s German Summer school from age 9-12 years learn German in a follow-up program and prepare themselves for starting school after the break. I would like to ask the school community to give them a very warm and hearty welcome and to support them.

Although 20 students left the CDSC at the end of this school year the amount of children in the following school year will increase with 10 students to 160 students overall. So 50% of the increase are due to the German summer school.

I wish all the CDSC families and all our loyal readers of this newsletter a fulfilled and restful summer time and nice holidays!

The school will start again after the summer break on 13th of August at 10 AM with a school opening worship.

Yours sincerely,

The Liebold Family






Home News End of a school year


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