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CMAC Track and Field - The Best Days of the Year

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For our students the CMAC Track and Field days are among the best days of the school year. The mixture of giving one’s best during the competition, to cheer for the fellow students, being part of the CDSC team and the large sports community of CMAC is really unique for them. This year the senior competition (age groups U14 / U16 / U20) took place at the CMU stadium for the first time. 

In this real stadium atmosphere the students were given the opportunity to prove their abilities and to crwon them with a medal. Syrah (U14) and Eric (U16) won the gold medal in long jump, Geonyoung (U14) in high jump. At the junior competition (age groups U8 / U10 / U12) at the APIS two students won a cup in their age group. Nathaneal (U8) came third in his age group and Janina (U12) came first after having won three gold medals.

For a small school as the CDSC the compilation of the relays sometimes is a challenge. It is all the more gratifying that this year the boys U12 relay with Tobias, Elmar, Geonwoo and Louis were able to win the gold medal in an exciting final run. Further gold medals for the CDSC were won by Leonie (U10) in long jump and Elmar (U12) in dicuss throwing.

In the context of the weekly devotional the winners were honored. Congratulations to all of the students who took part in the competition and gave their best! A special thank you as well to the volunteers of CDSC who supported our team in advance and during the competition!


Home News CMAC Track and Field - The Best Days of the Year


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