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On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November 2017 a couple of students from CDSC participated in the so-called "Chiang Mai Model United Nations" (CMMUN).

MUN is an event, in which the work of the United Nations is replicated. Among the participants were numerous students from all international schools in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. CDSC was invited as a guest school. The event took place at the Phucome Hotel Chiang Mai, where the students also spent the night. The students had the task to represent the countries assigned to them in certain topics. Each topic had an accompanying committee in which the topics were discussed. For example, the Science and Technology Committee, in which Geon Young and Marco (class 10/12) represented Denmark, dealt with the issue of commercial alteration of human genes.

Fritz and Sandy (class 12) represented Algeria in the Committee for Economic and Financial Affairs on the topic of urban growth and sustainable development for LEDCs (less economically developed countries)



Melanie and Jessica (grade 10) represented Vietnam in the Human Rights Committee, which dealt with privacy in the age of digitization.


The students arrived in the hotel at 8:00 clock. After the check-in and the introductory speech by A. Russell on the subject of human trafficking, the students proceeded to the individual committees. In the committees, the students first had to give a short speech, in which they presented the position of their respective country on the subject.

This was followed by discussions on the drafting of a resolution, which was to be presented at the General Assembly.

On the second day, the General Assembly took place, in which the delegates of all countries from the individual committees came together and presented their resolutions. Speeches and counter-speeches followed, before finally voting on the adoption of the respective resolutions.
CDSC students took part in CMMUN for the first time this year.

For the students who participated, MUN was a very positive and exciting experience and CDSC is looking forward to participating in future MUNs as well.

A big thank you to all those who made our participation possible.

(Website of the MUN: https://www.cmmun.org)


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