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Knights, castles and life in the Middle Ages

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The week from 30 April to 4 May 2018 in the primary school was entirely devoted to the theme "Middle Ages".

For a week, grades 1 to 4 were engaged with castles, knights, life in the medieval city and much more. In different project groups, we worked around these topics, tinkered, played and even practised a play.

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Every morning all of the students met to start the day with singing and a continuous story. The children enjoyed the song "Ritter Kunibert" and his adventures. A video at the beginning of the week put everyone in the mood for the topic.

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This year the children were together in their project group the whole week. Thus the group "Castle" dealt with the parts of one and life at a Castle. In the end, everyone could admire a large model of a medieval castle. The group "Medieval City" explored - also virtually - a city 700 years ago and learned a lot about the different people, professions and living conditions at that time. Another group rehearsed the play "Princess Cunegonda" and performed it on Friday at a presentation with the parents. The last group "knights" explored the life of the bellboys, squires and knights and everyone could make a knight's armour.

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Another highlight of the week was the joint excursion to the Chiang Mai Historical Center. Despite the light rain, it was a great day because the children could learn a lot about our city and its development. The students discovered a lot about the life and culture of Lanna and Lao. It was very interesting to see that the city of Chiang Mai was built at about the same time that knights and nobles lived in Europe.

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Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this week a complete success!

Home News Knights, castles and life in the Middle Ages


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