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Bonding Day Class 3 and 4


On September 10, 2018, classes 3 and 4 boarded right after the school devotion three Songthaew, who brought us to Doi Pui Camp Site.

From there we walked through the jungle to the top of Doi Pui. Very close to the summit we took a break, ate and drank something out of our backpacks and played two fun games.
After that we split up. While some went with Mr. Marti to the viewpoint, the others with Mrs. Gietmann already moved on. The weather was pleasantly cool. It even had some fog, so you did not see much at the lookout. But nobody cared about that. Later, both groups met again at the Songthaews who drove us to the Doi Pui Hmong Village.

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There we ate lunch and then explored in groups the many stalls, the beautiful flower garden with waterfall and the small Hill Tribe Museum. Soon we met again at the cars and showed each other the souvenirs that we had bought. On the way back to CDSC it was a bit quieter in the cars, because this eventful day had made us pretty tired.

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Home News Bonding Day Class 3 and 4


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