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Mazes, camels and ostriches

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On Wednesday, 03.10., the Flex classes did not go to school! We spent the morning in Horizon Village.

In the morning all the suns and stars met excitedly in their classrooms. With a sun hat, umbrella and lots of snacks everyone was well prepared. After the obligatory greeting with counting everyone could storm to the buses. When we finally arrived (after a much too long drive of 40 min) at Horizon Village, the volunteer Rieke surprised us with a game. She secretly clasped 5 clothespins to different children. In the course of the day they often secretly changed owners, because it was important to attach the clothespins secretly and inconspicuously to someone else. In the end, the children who had a clamp at the end of the trip had to sing a song.
Our first destination in Horizon Village was a maze. The children of the Flex classes courageously stormed in and could find everyone out again by shouting loudly and with a lot of brains. Then we hiked a little bit.
The well-deserved breakfast we could have on the playground. A special highlight here was the ship swings. After the refreshment, we went on to the animals. Especially impressive animals were the ostriches.
We walked to the end of the park and then back again. On our way, we came to deer, stags, camels, ... Many of the animals we were allowed to feed!
When we arrived back at the entrance after our hike through the Horizon Village, the children were allowed to feed the fish. After that, we checked who had a clamp. And so at the end of the excursion, we got a nice lecture of the song "All children learn to read".
After this musical conclusion, the students, teachers and volunteers made their way home.

Elisabeth Kallis

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Home News Mazes, camels and ostriches


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