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CMMUN conference: CDSC meets United Nations


Everybody probably heard of the organization “United Nations”. Most of us have a vague idea of what the organization does, though very few of us actually know how it works inside the organization.

How do the representatives debate with each other and work toward a compromising solution?

The Model United Nations(MUN) is literally a ‘model’ of the UN. Having conferences worldwide, it gives students all around the world a chance to see how things run in the UN and to actually be a part of a formal debate. Through MUN conferences, students learn how to represent their respective countries and to form resolutions by working with each other.

There is a MUN conference in Chiang Mai, called CMMUN. Though other international students in Chiang Mai have been attending to CMMUN for quite a long time, CDSC has just started joining the conference since last year. For us, the students, it was unique, extraordinary and educative, but also challenging and intimidating. Because we didn’t have much experience with formal talking and English is not our mother tongue, it was not easy to do a research and write a paper we needed to submit before the conference, yet alone giving a speech in front of the public. It was intimidating to speak out in front of other students, who seemed to be confident with what they are saying. Still, I personally find this experience quite remarkable. Even though we might not have understood everything and participated much in debating, we learned about formal discussion, current international issues and even improved our English competence. During the conference, we also made international acquaintance.

To everyone who enjoy debating/discussing, who are confident with their English skill and who want to know how UN works, I highly recommend that you join the CMMUM conference, confident that you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Geon Young Lee





Home News CMMUN conference: CDSC meets United Nations


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