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Thai Day 2019

On March 01, 2019 we celebrated our annual Thai Day at CDSC.

This years’ theme was “Four regions of Thailand” and our students from kindergarten to grade 8 practised their dances in the last weeks during their Thai lessons eagerly.
But not only our students took part but we could also see beautiful dances from our teachers, volunteers and parents and even a very special performance from the women group of our village Ban Buak Krok Nua. We really enjoyed it!
One of the most appreciated ceremonies is the “Rod Nam Dam Hua” during which the students show their respect and thankfulness for their teachers.


After the ceremony it was time to announce the winners of the Thai Writing Competition:
In the primary level, the winner is Alex (grade 4) and in the secondary level the winner is Evangelina (grade 8). Congratulations!

During the lunch break, delicious Thai and Western food was offered by parents as well as Khun Joy and her team from our school canteen while our students could enjoy themselves with some traditional Thai games on our football field.

The 2nd part of our Thai Day was the talent show “CDSC Got Talent”, a competition with eight performances of our students.
We saw talented musicians at the piano like Andy (Flex) and June (grade 6), beautiful dance performances from Viktoria and Ploen (Flex), Sukanya and Jane-Jirah (grade 8) as well as Evangelina and Natalia (grade 8), amazing instruments from Pimmadaa (grade 3) and Naomi (grade 5) and the exceptional performance of the “Cup Song” from grade 3 and 4.
And the winner is....Sukanya and Jane-Jirah with their performance “I have questions”!
Congratulations for this great dance performance!

Again, it was a wonderful and perfect Thai Day and first of all we would like to thank our great Thai teachers and employees who organised it, prepared the dances and the costumes and did the make-up for our students, teachers and volunteers on that day.
Our special gratitude goes to the guests who visited us on this special day:
Sao Song Wai Djai Goen Roi; the women group from Buak Krok Nuea Village.
And last but not least a big thank you goes to all our parents, students and helpers who made this day another wonderful memory at CDSC.


Home News Thai Day 2019


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