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Trusting in your climbing harness, you proudly look down from the top of the 4-meter tall tower that you have built entirely out of drink crates at the FunFair 2019.

Down below your friends cheer you on as you glance into the gym. The last seconds of the Silent Auction count down and two enthusiastic young men are wrestling over the pen to get the best deal on a trip to the Grand Canyon. At the front of the gym is the FAL booth and it’s cool that the school will be handing over a big check with part of the proceeds from this year’s FunFair to an organization that helps hill tribe kids! Over at the raffle only a few prizes remain as a few more gamblers fish their ticket numbers out of the pool. At that moment two horses also walk into view carrying big smiles on their backs. On the bouncy castle kids wearing balloon hats stick to the shade as they careen off of blow up toys and each other before running over to the water games on the soccer field. As you grab the next crate that was just handed up to you the wind carries the smell of food from the canteen where you’ll be ordering a bratwurst and a piece of smoked salmon if there is any left. And that, of course, will be followed by a big piece of cake in an air-conditioned room. You stand on one foot as you fit the crate into place, but just then the tower starts to tip. As your harness catches you with a jerk, you find yourself dangling in mid-air. You watch with a grin as the tower narrowly misses one of your teachers and think: ”Man... I can’t wait until next year’s FunFair 2020!”

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