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CDSC volunteers' trekking tour

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We - as ten volunteers from CDSC - went for the annual trekking tour on Friday, 11th October. Martin Waldbüßer and Stephan Tetzel joined us.

After a short visit to a local market to buy food for the trip we drove to a waterfall to go swimming. Our guide showed us a cave full of small bats. Ensued by a curvaceous drive on two pickup trucks, we reached the jungle of the north of Thailand. Well prepared with fully-packed backpacks and high concentrated mosquito-spray we ventured our adventure and walked through densely overgrown trails. Our guide explained to us some interesting facts about the flora and fauna of Thailand during some short breaks. In the evening we reached our first hut where we were welcomed by a friendly couple of the Karen-Tribe. Besides a breathtaking view of the mountain panorama, we were rewarded with a Thai dinner. We enjoyed the rest of the evening with a starry sky, campfire and singing together.

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Rested, strengthened and after a good breakfast we hiked a few hours through the green wildness. We discovered numerous surprises in the nature, for example a tarantula and a snake at the roadside. Afterwards we spent our lunch break in a rice field. Framed by green mountains and a small banana forest some volonteers took a nap or tried to cut the branches with machetes. In the afternoon we reached a river where we could try out the so-called "Bamboo Rafting" for the first time. After a quiet drive we reached the next village and moved into our rustic accommodation. An extended mud bath, a good shower and a delicious dinner made the evening perfect with warm campfire.

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On Sunday morning we drove up the river with our bamboo rafts and visited an elephant camp, where we had the opportunity to feed elephants and bathe them in a river.
In the Bible we find a psalm written by David, who was the then king of Israel. He describes nature with the following words: "The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handwork.". (Psalm 19:2).
We were allowed to experience these natural beauties on our outdoor weekend. We had the privilege to discover the untouched nature of Thailand together and to marvel at the creation of God.

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