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Light a candle for peace!


At the same time as the Festival of Lights in Thailand, the children from the nursery, kindergarten and primary school met with their parents and friends for St. Martin's Day.

The food was super delicious this year! As colourful as our parenthood is mixed, so international was the buffet! Many thanks to all parents who make the St. Martin's Festival a very special event every year!

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At nightfall, everyone gathered in the small church next door. Mrs. Hantco greeted everyone once more and then all sang some St. Martin's songs together. Besides the song "Wir alle sind Lichterkinder" (We are all children with lights) the primary school children also sang the song "Light a candle for peace". This is our wish for our school, our host country and the world!

20191111 St Martin 7020191111 St Martin 77

With their colourful homemade lanterns, we finally started the lantern parade. The children and parents happily went and sang up to a big campfire. The children of the 3rd class made the people in the old people's home on McKean a joy with some songs. In the end, the children could grill their own bread over the fire. Exhausted and happy, the children went home afterwards.

20191111 St Martin 8220191111 St Martin 9920191111 St Martin 145

20191111 St Martin 16320191111 St Martin 16420191111 St Martin 153

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and students for donating clothes for refugees from Burma / Myanmar! This year we received a lot of donations. It is great to share in the sense of St. Martin!

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Home News Light a candle for peace!


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