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Geography Competition 2015

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This year again grades 5-10 took part in the biggest German geography competition "Diercke WiISSEN". The first hurdle is mastered!

The winners of the junior competiotion of grades 5 and 6 are:

1. Winner: Michael Kohler
2. Winner: Jonathan Kohler
3. Winner: David Blum, Jonas Aeschimann 

In grades 7-10 the following students won the class victory:

Grade 7: Johanna Nescholta
Grade 8: David Leibensperger
Grade 9: Sebastian Stauß
Grade 10: Anna Sowa


The winners of the higher grades will comepte against each others again at the end of this week. We are curious to see who is going to be the school winner.


Home News Geography Competition 2015


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