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Information about the Construction Process

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The appearance of CDSC has been changing during the past six months significantly. Since the beginning of the building process of the annex at the beginning of 2014 a speedy weekly progress could be monitored. With the decision of the German Federal Foreign Office to support this building project and the presentation of a cheque about 26 Mio THB in November 2013 by the German Ambassador in Bangkok Rolf Schulze the school board decided to initiate the construction of the biggest building of the CDSC.

The company AS Construction who was charged with the construction not only worked under high pressure on the implementation of the construction plans but also was able to respond to individual wishes of the school. Builder Consultant - the company who was charged with the supervision - reported daily about the progress and kept the executive committee informed about arising questions.

Meanwhile, the bare brickwork has been completed, doors and windows are built in, the pipe system and the airconditionings are installed, the tiles are laid and the walls are painted.

On the rear gable end the lift is going to be built. Afterwards, the outdoor facilities are going to be installed and a wall will be built around the whole school ground.

After the completion not only the whole administration department will move into the new building but it will also provide space for five new class rooms and a big, modern library. Thus, on the one hand the CDSC’s qualitative development will be promoted and on the other hand enough space for a growing school community will be provided.

During the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the CDSC on the 30th and 31st of October the new building is going to be inaugurated. We are already looking forward to many guests. Amongst others, the German Ambassador in Bangkok Mr. Schulze, the Asian appointee of the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad Mr. Wegmann as well as the director of the Foundation Marburger Mission Mr. Becker have been announcing their attendance.


Home News Information about the Construction Process


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