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Merry Christmas - Bazaar and Celebration at CDSC

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  • 02 Weihnachtsbazar und -feier

On Thursday finally students and friends of the CDSC opened their small stalls around the main building for the traditional Christmas bazaar at CDSC again. Besides a lot of christmassy, typical German and Asian treats such as Stollen, baked almonds, creps, grilled saussages, Gulasch-soup and grilled meat skewers many selfmade christmas cards, christmas stars, creative candle holders (made from bins) and handmade jeweleries were offered. Two students played Christmas songs on their violine and German flute as a backgroundmusic during the bazaar.

When the darkness closed in all visitors were invited to gather in the auditorium of CDSC which was - thanks to the Thai-staff - decorated christmassy. Under the direction of music teacher Kristina Häger many classical Christmas songs in German, English and Thai were sung and several classes contributed with their creative musical and acting performances to the programm. As expected of a classical Christmas celebration the Christmas story was performed - this year in a special way under the direction of teacher Andrea Herzig as a shadow play performed very impressively by students of the uppper grades. The bazaar as well as the Christmas celebration were a beautiful, contemplative and at the same time blithesome year-end closing and an attunement for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Thanks a lot to everybody who contributed with his/her culinary or creative offer to the variety of the bazaar and with special effort for the Christmas celebration to a very special christmassy atmosphere and a successful procedure!


Home News Merry Christmas - Bazaar and Celebration at CDSC


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