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Not really old History! - A Report from a Student

  • 01 Konrad Elmer-Herzig berichtet
  • 02 Die Zuhoerer des Vortrags zum 25jaehrigen Jahrestag des Mauerfalls

History lesson with a difference. On Thursday, October 2nd, all classes from the seventh level up had a history lesson together, but instead that our history teacher stood infront of us, Mr. Elmer Herzig was holding the “lesson”. If you have spent your life abroad with just a few holidays in Germany or perhaps a year, it is not so easy to understand the importance of the "Day of German Unity", which is only a school holiday for many of our generation. To learn some more about it, the five classes and some teachers gathered in the school hall.

First, Mr. Elmer Herzig gave us some basic knowledge about the end of the Second World War and the GDR and FRG. He reported on rationed butter, single-track railway lines and the struggle between capitalism and communism. Then we were allowed to participate in his own story, which consisted of a "forced relocation", a study of theology, a trip to Prague during the Prague Spring, "small victories" as a reverend and a "big STASI file". In 1989, Mr. Elmer Herzig was, despite Stasi persecution, involved in the founding of the SPD (social democratic party), and held a speech on November 4th, 1989 during a demonstration at Alexanderplatz in Berlin which he could show us in a video (thanks to the volunteers Emanuel and Claudius).

The camera shots of November 9th gave some of us the creeps. Mr. Elmer Herzig reported about the further steps that needed to be done in the People's Chamber and the Bundestag (Federal Parliament) to finally achieve the reunion. The first "Day of German Unity", some of us just realized with astonishment, took place only five to six years before their birth, and was an incredible "Party".

On this day an important part of German history has been brought closer to us, which we as a younger generation and especially as children abroad neither knew nor exactly yet understood. Just the fact that our "witness" Mr. Elmer Herzig was much more than just a witness, but rather a "history maker", made the whole story thrilling and exciting. I think I can speak for all students when I say that we have seen a small piece of true history, outside of our history books. Mr. Elmer Herzig still gave us a homework: "Celebrate the day tomorrow!". We won´t forget his presentation and the memory of the first "Day of German Unity".

Home News Not really old History! - A Report from a Student


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