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Passion and Easter Day at CDSC

  • 01 Passions- und Ostertag
  • 02 Passions- und Ostertag

On the last school day before the beginning of the easter holidays the students of Grades 1 to 5 met up in the school auditorium to gather for an easter and passion celebration. After Grades 3 and 4 opened the project with an instrumental piece of music all the students sang easter songs together, followed by an easter rallye. The students have been divided into groups and were given approximately one hour to walk through eight different stations. 

At each of the stations one question concerning the biblical easter story had to be answered and a paschal task had to be solved. Besides classical tasks such as running with an egg on a spoon, rolling eggs (classical German games) and cockfight skillfulness as well as creativity and ingenuity have been required. For example the students had to wrap an egg with newspaper and let it fall from a height of 2 meters without letting the egg break.

At the end all students gathered again in the auditorium for an easter picknick. We want to thank especially the parents and students who contributed to the picknick by delicious and creative dishes and treats!


Home News Passion and Easter Day at CDSC


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