Learning Degrees / Certificates


At the CDSC, students can acquire the following certificates of completion:

Degree                     At the end of Grade 
"Hauptschul-" Leaving Certificate 9
"Realschul-"-Leaving Certificate 10
German International Abitur (DIAP) 12

The German Abitur is becoming international

The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education in Germany (Kultusminister Konferenz - KMK) accepted the challenge of the international “education market” and in 2005 created the German International Abitur examination (Deutsche Internationale Abiturprüfung - DIAP) for German schools abroad. Bilingualism (German/English) and independent learning are an important focus of the examination:

The DIAP incorporates English-language components into the evaluation of higher education and thus accommodates the specific character of schools abroad. In keeping with this standard, CDSC teaches history classes bilingually (German/English) beginning in Grade 8, and teaches Physics solely in English beginning in Grade 10. The DIAP incorporates the traditional domestic Abitur, and also adds a colloquium as an additional examination component. By completing the DIAP successfully, students obtain the general higher education entrance qualification and thus are granted the graduation qualifications necessary to enroll at a German university or to choose a comparable international education.

The quality of graduation certificates at German schools abroad is supervised by the work of the Federal States Committee for Educational Work Abroad (Bund-Länder Ausschuss für schulische Arbeit im Ausland - BLAschA). Tha BLAschA consists of one representative of the cultural administration of each federal state, the chairman of the schools’ department of the German Foreign Office and the chairman of the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad. The BLAschA mandates that an examination appointee be personally present during the DIAP exams at the location of the school abroad on a regular basis. Further information about the process and formalities of the final exams at the CDSC can be downloaded on the website of the KMK.

Because of careful adherence to these standards, one can be assured of a high standard o education, as well as of the equality of the DIAP-certified graduations achieved abroad when compared to the Abitur-certified graduations completed in Germany. In addition, the German educational system differs from other education systems by providing a general higher education entrance qualification automatically along with the acquisition of the DIAP.


Learning Degrees / Certificates


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