Learning German Preparation Course

CDSC German Preparation Course

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CDSC will launch the German Preparation Course (old name: German Summer School) for non-German-speaking students again. With about 100 million speakers, the German language is the most commonly spoken mother-tongue in Europe and the language of one of the most prosperous and developed economies in the world. Encourage your children to learn one of the most meaningful languages in the world!

The German Preparation Course is to provide basic German lessons to non-German speaking students who want to join CDSC in August 2020. Through the course, students are expected to reach the A1 CEFR level of German. When reaching the A1 CEFR level students can
• understand and use basic everyday expressions and phrases,
• introduce themselves and ask others questions about personal details, and
• interact in a simple way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.

Students who successfully complete the course will be given the opportunity to join the regular class, year 5 at CDSC. After joining the regular class, the students will get additional German lessons until they reach B2 CEFR level. CDSC graduates (after Grade 12) are qualified to apply for scholarships and degree programs at German universities.

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The schedule for 2020 will be updated in December 2019. 

Learning German Preparation Course


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