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Speech therapy at CDSC

Anne Zaiss

My name is Anne Zaiss and since a couple of years I live in Thailand with my family. As certified breath-, speech-, and voiceteacher I know all kinds of disorders of speech and voice as well as disorders in speech development. Furthermore I also trained pedagogs and artists (preventive training for professions working with their voice). In Germany I worked in logopaedic offices in Heidelberg and Stuttgart. 

Children who have problems with phonation (e.g. kr, tr, s), need support with grammatical structures or have only a small vocabulary can do therapy with me. First it will take around 3 lessons to get to know each other, do some tests and carry out a development talk to find out if a therapy makes sense.

If you are interested in speech therapy for your child please send me an e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
You can also contact me if you are still unsure whether your child needs support or not.

Please add following information to your email:
- name of your child
- age
- which languages does your child speak?
- anomalies in German language
- how does this affect daily life?
- what are you concerned about?



People Speech Therapy


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