Every year a team of 7-10 young people works at our school, serving a one-year-internship as part of an Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) or International Youth Voluntary Service (IJFD). These young volunteers fund their stay largely on their own and their energetic commitment has already become an indispensable part of our school life. Their fields of work range from the library, the kindergarden and the nursery to acting as a substitute for absent teachers or in the Global School program. This exposure gives them the unique opportunity to discover Thailand’s culture and the school as a workplace. The preparation and organisation of this one-year-assignment as part of the IJFD is undertaken by the Marburger Mission Foundation.

Vincent Demel Janika Dicke Sandy Gutschmidt
Vincent Demel
Janika Dicke
Teaching Assistant Flex a
Sandy Gutschmidt
Teaching Assistant Grade 3+10
Richard Hahnewald Nico Hube Lisa Mast
Richard Hahnewald
Nico Hube
Teaching Assistant Flex b
Lisa Mast
Johanna Meese Saskia Meisel Michel Stbler
Johanna Meese
School Office, Library, CMAC
Saskia Meisel
Michel Stäbler
Teaching Assistant Grade 6, CMAC
Melina Wiens    
Melina Wiens
School Office, Library