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The lessons

Our primary school includes the “Flexible Eingangsstufe” (Grades 1 and 2 combined) and classes 3 and 4. The curriculum is based on the core curriculum of primary schools in the state of Thüringen/Germany, and is compulsary for all German Schools in Southeast Asia (region 20/21).

The teaching at the elementary school is characterized by an open theory of teaching, meaning that children are encouraged toward independence, responsibility and creativity from the very beginning. On a weekly basis, they engage with the material through weekly learning schedules, learning stations, project work and free working periods. This style of education makes it possible to promote and challenge the children according to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Regular comparison

Every year the third grade participates in the “Thüringer Kompetenztest” (Thüringen Competency Test) in the subjects of German and mathematics. The test, developed according to the national educational standards of the Federal Republic of Germany, is part of the CDSC’s educational quality assurance. It allows us to compare the educational level of our students with the national German average, to analyze student performance and to gain diagnostic insight.

Team work and projects

Discussion groups and group projects play an important role in the development of our students’ language and communication skills. Our students enjoy working on projects, and we have made this a regular part of our teaching plan. Throughout the year, students participate in a number of class projects and special teaching modules, such as the traffic education with bicycle exam in classes 3 and 4, multi-subject projects within the class and the annual elementary school project week. The children learn teamwork as they participate in groups with students of different ages; they also have the chance to learn from each other and to practice reaching agreements, resolving conflicts and working with tolerance.

Various festivals and celebrations are highlights in the school year, and are strongly incorporated into classroom lessons as the particular days draw near; these include things such as the St. Martin’s Day celebration and lantern procession, the annual Christmas celebration, and the school-wide Thai Day.

Language and sport

Elementary student schedules include three English lessons and two to four Thai lessons (language and culture) per week. Students who are not yet fully fluent in spoken German are coached individually by qualified teachers.

Children participate in weekly physical education classes; during the appropriate seasons, children also have a swimming lesson once per week at a nearby swimming pool.

After class

In the afternoon, elementary school students are invited to attend a free homework assistance session, supervised by our volunteers. After the homework session, several different workshops are offered, depending on the day and age of the student. To see the whole workshop schedule, please click here.

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Learning Primary School


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